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Charlier Complete Method for Trumpet By Théo Charlier


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This is, by far, one of the most exciting books we have ever made available at qPress. Over the last few months I have been working closely with a translator to put into English and adapt this fantastic book by Théo Charlier, his “Complete Method for Trumpet“.

Charlier has been known world wide for his etudes for nearly a century, and their appeal and usefulness has only grown stronger as the decades have worn on. This book, though, has been lost for 80 years. Included is a set of 10 Progressive Studies and Four Rhapsodic Divertissements that are worth the entire price of the book alone. On top of that we find beginning exercises, slurring studies, exercises for each piston, long tones, interval studies, syncopation and dynamics, chromatics, trills, and alternate fingerings. You know those short blurbs in the 36 Transcendental Studies? Many of those originated in this book.

Below I will quote a section from my forward explaining where this book came from and why it is so important. Give it a read, then play through all of the free samples to the left.

“When Charlier wrote this brass method, he was coming from a time when players were still learning from the works of the old masters. These methods were complete and well composed, but they did not take into account the challenges that modern composers were impressing upon 20th century brass players. It was his hope that this method would be an extension of their work, with lessons covering larger intervals, more complicated rhythmic structures, distant modulations, and accessories like mutes. Its original title targets this method at the French Horn player, but the exercises and teachings (combined with Charlier’s history of compositions for the trumpet and trombone) suggest that this work should remain as a method for all valved brass.”

“We know the remarkable body of work that this virtuosic trumpeter has written for his instrument. His book of studies can be found at the best conservatories and music studios all over the world nearly a century later, and remains the benchmark for expressive and technical writing for brass. His 36 Transcendental Studies is the pinnacle of modern brass writing, but it is also tremendously difficult for the younger player to approach. Finally, with this Complete Method for Trumpet, there exists a collection of progressive studies that will bridge this gap for aspiring players, while offering a wealth of new material for the seasoned player at the same time.”  ~ Timothy Quinlan

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1 review for Charlier Complete Method for Trumpet

  1. John Wilds (verified owner)

    A very interesting take on technique development from one of the grand=masters of trumpet composition. The études are much more accessible than the 36 Études Transcendantes, but the melodic mastery is quite evident.

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