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Charlier Complete Method for Chromatic Horn in F By Théo Charlier


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I am extremely pleased to announce our latest translation at qPress. This time, the famed brass composer Théo Charlier and his Complete Method for Chromatic Horn in F, translated into English for the very first time, is available for immediate digital download AND print.

This method was written in 1938 with the purpose of exposing the modern horn player to the demands of modern composers. Players had been learning from the old masters still, even though valves had been added and accepted, and new pieces were pushing the boundaries of our technique. They needed a new method to help expand their facility and meet the demands of 20th century repertoire. Charlier responded with this complete method, and it is a wonderful book. It is written with a focus on musicality and not just rote exercises, and is completely full of beautiful etudes and pieces like Charlier is famed for.

Honestly, the 10 Progressive Studies and the 4 Rhapsodic Divertissements are worth the price of admission. When add in all the rest of the etudes and pedagogical material, this is a tremendous bargain.

Below I will leave you with a short blurb from composer Joseph Jongen who wrote the forward for this book. After you read it, click to the left for samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

“The work that Charlier presents us concerning the horn is worth thoughtful study. The logic of these technical teachings, as much as the musical appeal, adapted to the technical demands of the modern orchestra, make the most remarkable and complete method that exists to this day for this instrument.” Joseph Jongen

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