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Cat Anderson Trumpet Method (a systematic approach to playing high notes) By Cat Anderson


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Cat Anderson’s Trumpet Method (a systematic approach to playing high notes) has always been a controversial book. Starting from the first line and the infamous “20 Minute G”, Cat Anderson shows you exactly what he worked on to develop his insanely strong upper register. He writes:

“If you are in search of ways to improve your playing in terms of register, power, and control, then this book is for you. In playing this system, you will develop wind c?ontrol necessary for playing in the upper register. Don’t be too anxious – if you are, you will miss the boat. If you are too impatient, you will never make it. You see, impatience is the enemy of the player.”

If you have been getting serious about increasing your range and would like to learn from the best, this is a great routine to use. You can see the first bit in the samples to the left, and you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

I will leave you with Cat’s sign off from the foreword:

“This method applies to all brass players. I cannot force someone into changing, but I can tell you to think about it, or to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you’ve finished with this book, you’ll be able to play double C’s , D’s , and triple G’ s & A’s at will. You will, that is, if you stick to the rules and learn every lesson as prescribed in this book.”

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