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Caruso Band Method (Rapid Development Through Long Setting) By Carmine Caruso


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Carmine Caruso is one of the forefathers of modern trumpet pedagogy. From his focus on deep relaxed breathing, to focus on time, embouchure suppleness, breath attacks, and “Long Setting” (keeping the mouthpiece on the lips for an extended period), you will get a complete overview of his approach to healthy trumpet playing using this method. You will enjoy a responsive and comfortable embouchure setup, and have all of the material you need to teach this system to your students, too.

Here is what he says in the foreword:

The Caruso Method stresses the following four procedures:

  1. Long Setting Exercises
  2. Nose Breathing
  3. Breath Attack
  4. Foot Tapping

1. Long-setting exercises are exercises wherein the mouthpiece and embouchure remain in one position throughout the exercises. Their use will ensure rapid embouchure development.

2. When practicing long setting exercises, it is essential that the player breathe (inhale) through the nose so as not to interfere with the setting (embouchure).

3. The use of a breath attack (starting the tone without the use of the tongue) is an essential feature of the Caruso Method. The flow of air causes the vibration which produces the sound. The long setting exercises plus breath attack, through repetition, will rapidly develop the best embouchure position and balance.

4. Foot tapping is the timing medium for the synchronization of all moving parts involved in producing a given sound. These moving parts are:

  1. The pressure of the mouthpiece against the lips.
  2. The tension of the lips.
  3. The position of the teeth (jaw position).
  4. The tilt of the trumpet. (The position in which you hold the trumpet.)
  5. The speed of air (as a moving force).

All of this is followed up with the Magic Six Notes, and both you and your students are off to a fantastic start.

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