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You Can Scream With Endurance To Spare On Trumpet (with Recordings) By Bill Knevitt


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Note: This product includes a zip file of Bill Knevitt’s personal audio lessons that originally accompanied this book. These 7 tracks total just under one hour of personal instruction from Bill Knevitt himself. For a limited time only, these audio clips are available as an add on for those who already own a copy of the book.

Ever since the publication of my book The Truth About How To Play Double High C On Trumpet, players have called and written to ask this question: “Bill, your book contains a very fine explanation as to how to play in the upper register, but it is a text. Now, what should I practice to develop this register?” It is in response to this question that You Can Scream With Endurance To Spare On Trumpet was written.

This is the most complete book of upper register studies for trumpet ever written. Why? Because it contains not only the exercises you will need to build your range as high as you wish to go, but it also contains musical excerpts that will appeal to every type of trumpet player. Seldom is the player called upon to simply hold a note in the extreme upper register … usually he/she must play music up there.

These are the basic principles of high note playing that are covered in this book.

  1. Always start with a big, comfortable breath.
  2. In doing so, get the chest up so that the lungs can expand to their fullest.
  3. Think the syllable “TEE” as you ascend to raise the tongue to its proper position.
  4. Allow the lips to contract toward the mouthpiece as you go higher.
  5. Blow stronger as you go up.

Check out some samples to the left, then grab a copy of this amazing 144 page book as an immediate download above.

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