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Call & Response Jazz Trumpet By Clyde Hunt


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If you think that improvisation can’t be taught, it CAN be introduced in a non-intimidating manner. That is where the Call & Response Jazz Trumpet Method comes in.

With this book-audio combo, you learn through imitation. Improvise along with a hot jazz rhythm section, included with this b-flat primer of harmonic progression. “Play-along” rhythm tracks include the blues in the keys of B-flat, E-flat, and F. This “Audio Teacher” was developed to introduce 6th to 10th-grade level students to the art of improvisation but is appropriate for anyone who is getting started in jazz and wants to dig in without all of the intimidation. While Call and Response Jazz was originally conceived and intended for students, it is perfectly useable for any age, even if you have little or no experience at improvisation. This 6 lesson book also includes 60 minutes of recordings.

To the left, you can see a few samples, and below I have put the corresponding recordings. Above you can grab an immediate digital download of both.

Exercise No.4

Blues in F

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