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Busser’s Étude de Concert By Henri Busser


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Henri Büsser’s “Étude de Concert” for trombone and piano is a distinguished piece known for its technical demands and expressive depth. Composed in the early 20th century, this work is designed to challenge and showcase the trombonist’s virtuosity. It features a lyrical, melodic introduction that emphasizes the instrument’s rich tonal qualities, transitioning into a section of intricate, rapid passages and rhythmic complexities. The piano accompaniment adds harmonic depth and dynamic contrast, enhancing the trombone’s expressive range. “Étude de Concert” requires precise articulation, breath control, and musicality, making it a popular choice for advanced students and professional performances.

You can view sample pages to the left before purchasing an immediate digital download above. You will receive one file with all parts and the piano score, ready for tablet use or double sided printing resulting in perfect page turns for all players.

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