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Trumpet Today, A Planned Program for Building the High Register By Bud Brisbois


Print & Digital Editions

Note: Download includes the trumpet book and the piano score. Print books include the trumpet part +  a digital download of the piano part.

Bud Brisbois’ “Trumpet Today, a Planned Program for Building the High Register” is a wonderful sequential and progressive method for expanding your upper register from one of the finest lead players of his generation.

His preface lays out the purpose of the book, stating that “this book is concerned with a gradual building plan for developing the high register of the trumpet. Proper performance in the high register is not difficult if a planned program is followed, but can be extremely trying if the wrong approach is used. As opposed to the pressure-strong-arm method, playing high skillfully should feel as natural as playing in the low or middle register, without strain on any part of the body or lip.” This is a method I can get behind!

Each lesson takes you one note higher in the range, then gives you a piece of repertoire you can play to practice your new found notes. Practical and methodical, this is a range method you do not want to skip.

This book now includes the full piano score so you can perform all of the pieces inside with your accompanist, and it also includes the full set of solo recordings of the pieces by Bud Brisbois himself. Here is a short clip from the set below. Recording only purchases can be made above if you have the book already.

Niehaus’ Trumpeter’s Cake Walk

For a companion, grab Bud’s “Trumpets Today, Jazz Duets” right here (LINK).

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download, print copy, or both by clicking above. Each option includes the audio recordings in mp3 format.

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