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Broiles’ Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 3 By Mel Broiles


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qPress is working closely with the Mel Broiles estate to get his complete works back into circulation worldwide. His three book set of Trumpet Studies & Duets has been a top priority, as it represents some of the most inventive, challenging, and exciting writing for the trumpet in the 20th century.

Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 3 consists of 28 studies followed by 12 duets for two trumpets. The studies in Book Three are the culmination of both the progression and the style of books one and two, and where he was hinting at appropriating the style of famous composers in the earlier books, he is now explicitly naming them. Studies in this book have titles like “Style of Resphigi”, “Style of Bach”, and “Style of Russian”. Each study is a nod to a great master and uses his style to prepare the player for meeting similar pieces in orchestral performance. He even writes entire concertos and sonatas in the style of composers like Michael Haydn and Albinoni and titles them (cheekily) as “Unpublished Works”.

Speaking of cheeky, the duets in this book begin with a descriptor that reads “Easy material for teacher and student or professionals in the summer off season”. I would argue that they are a bit beyond “easy” and are instead a whimsical voyage into the mind of one of the most creative trumpeters our instrument has ever known. By the time you get to the end, and you see a duet where one player reads the music right side up, and the other reads the same page upside down, you will realize you are in the presence of a mad genious.

Mel Broiles was one of a kind, and this book demonstrates it like no other.

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