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Broiles’ Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 2 By Mel Broiles


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qPress is working closely with the Mel Broiles estate to get his complete works back into circulation worldwide. His three book set of Trumpet Studies & Duets has been a top priority, as it represents some of the most inventive, challenging, and exciting writing for the trumpet in the 20th century.

Trumpet Studies & Duets Book 2 consists of 24 studies followed by 12 duets for two trumpets, just like Book One. The studies in the first section show a progression from the first book. They are getting more technically challenging, and most have suggested transpositions to work on your reading, as well as complex syncopations that go across multiple measures. The writing here is truly mesmerizing as Mr. Broiles really started flexing his compositional chops. You can see the influence of a long career in the opera pit, as each study and duet tells a detailed and precise story.

The duets in this book are slightly different than books 1 and 3. Instead of being two staves at once, these duets have separate parts on opposite pages. Generally speaking, this type of duet writing suggests that these are concert duets for performance, as each player would have his own part on his own stand. When you take a look at the contents within this all makes perfect sense.  They are long and involved, and each one includes enough thematic material and variation to make perfect recital pieces. These are written to match the compositional style of various composers, and their titles hint at who he is paying homage to. If you knew how many times I tried to play “Burn Some Coal” to wear out my chops when I didn’t have enough time for a full practice session, you would shake your head. It is still one of the hardest and hilarious duets ever written.

All I can say is that no one in the world could have written this music other than Mel Broiles.

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