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Beyond Arban By Jerome Callet


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Jerome Callet’s incredible approach to the trumpet allowed him to take trumpet technique to a whole new level. In doing so, he found that moving beyond traditional exercises was part of the key to success. Jerome writes in his forward to “Beyond Arban: Challenging Technical Studies to Improve Range, Embouchure, and Virtuosity”:

I call my new book “Beyond Arban” be­cause the exercises contained herein are beyond what Arban ever imagined was the limit of the trumpet. My book truly contains some of the world’s most difficult music. Why try to play such difficult studies? Sim­ply because if you demand more from your embouchure and your body, your progress towards becoming a trumpet virtuoso will be all the faster.

My inspiration for this book was the work of Ernst A. Couturier whose cadenzas and music climb dizzily to Triple High G above Double High C! Couturier performed this music over 100 years ago! Why has no trumpet player since been able to perform the total range of legitimate musical works? I believe it boils down to two reasons:

    1. An incorrect embouchure
    2. Fear of failure

For 5 months, I have played these exercises every day. I am over 60 years of age and my day is busy with mouthpiece and trum­pet work yet I am able to devote several hours to practice. Since I have been doing these studies my range, power, and tonal quality have shown much improvement.

Simply put, if you want to perform at a level beyond the average player, you are going to have to practice and perform in a whole new way.

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