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Beethoven Sonatas Freely Transcribed for Trumpet By Ludwig van Beethoven


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These wonderful adaptations of Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas, freely transcribed for the trumpet, give players a unique opportunity to work on the fundamentals of lyrical playing while also exploring some of the finest melodies in the history of Western music,

The material in this ”Classical Series” is presented so the wind instrumentalist is provided with 1: an opportunity to broaden his musical conceptions by studying literature which is not now available for his in­strument; 2: ”studies” which by their very nature are bound to develop tone and technique along truly artistic lines; and 3: masterworks that add to the sheer enjoyment of the teaching and study programs.

In order to secure the greatest possible value, each one of these ”gems” should be thoroughly analyzed and ”remembered” musically be­fore any attempt is made to perfect them technically. lt is suggested that the first readings be at tempos which will ensure a depth of understanding· and correctness of ”mechanics.’

To the left you can try the first sonata for free, then click above for an immediate digital download.

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