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BeBop Instrumental Choruses for Trumpet By Dizzy Gillespie


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Dizzy Gillespie’s BeBop Instrumental Chorus’ is a short setlist of six lead-sheets as arranged by Dizzy Gillespie, and written by Diz, Ray Brown, and Gil Fuller. This is a really nice short, inexpensive, but engaging introduction into the bop style of one of the leading innovators in the style. These tunes each include the trumpet part along with chord progression to give you an idea of what is going on harmonically, and so you can grab a rhythm player to take these tunes to the stage.

Included in the set list is:

  1. Oop Bop Sh-Bam
  2. Things To Come
  3. That’s Earl, Brother
  4. Ray’s Idea
  5. One Bass Hit
  6. Good Dues Blues

Click to the left to play a free tune, then click above to grab an immediate PDF download.

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