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Syncopation Bundle for Trumpet
Syncopation Bundle for Trumpet
Basic Syncopation
Basic Syncopation
Basic Syncopation

Basic Syncopation By Sammy Spear


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The days are long gone when a musician was categorized either as a Symphony man or a Jazz player. Because of necessity, we find it imperative to be able to perform a wide variety of music thus, our students of today must be trained for the versatility demands of the future. This volume is dedicated to this task. No single text can be comprehensive enough to produce the “finished musician”. However, the student who is able to master the essentials contained in this volume will acquire sufficient insight into the subject to cope with the challenges as they arise. Practical experience combined with theoretical knowledge is the only solution to producing a technically well rounded performance.

Each of the lessons with a few exceptions, affords the student the opportunity to compare Jazz and Concert articulations by the use of comparative examples. These examples are not to be understood as the only articulations.

The authors have made only moderate demands of the students’ range and keys in order to concentrate on the task at hand – RHYTHM. Ensemble work tends to strengthen the over-all technical ability of the students. The grouping of instruments using these exercises will result in stronger individual performances.

Regular listening to modern music and Jazz styles by the use of records and tapes is recommended because of the great difficulty in conveying emotion or feeling from the printed page. The importance of classical music and its relationship to Jazz can not be over-emphasized, and continued listening should be required.

The section titled “Using Your Skills” contains dance band material at various levels of difficulty. This book, being fundamental in nature, has omitted the treatment of smears, plops, lifts, spills and lip trills. Concentration on this type of articulation should be done only after a basic grasp has been attained.

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