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Bach for the Trumpet or Cornet By J.S. Bach


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Michael Gisondi perfectly sums up the impetus behind this fantastic book in his forward, so I will copy it here. For one time students of the trumpet, you know exactly how sought after this book is. It is a real gem.

“Johann Sebastian Bach, the great master of the eighteenth century, was the most out­standing member of a large family of distinguished musicians. Bach was a thorough student of the music of his contemporaries as well as his predecessors. He also transcribed their music and composed works in their national styles. The study of Bach’s music, therefore is more than the study of works of just one outstanding composer. It acquaints us with music at its greatest as well as with a multitude of musical styles over a long period.

The modern valve trumpet was not in existence during Bach’s day. The natural trumpet which was used consisted of a cylindrical tube with a thin conical opening at the top. In appearance it resembled the cavalry trumpet of today. The sound was small and the timbre in the upper register very thin, resembling a toy trumpet.

In compiling these studies from the works of Bach it has been my idea to add to the literature of the trumpet these masterful examples of polyphonic writing, so rich in style and so great in exemplifying the highest esthetics of the art. I am sure that every performer will derive great musical benefits from them to­gether with an ever improving proficiency in his playing of the trumpet.”

– Michael J. Gisondi

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