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Attack! (Articulation Course Vol.1) By Various Authors


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Behold, the biggest, longest, most in-depth course on articulation for the trumpet EVER produced. Attack! is a series based on one irrefutable fact: If you gradually and progressively work on your single, double, and triple tonguing every day, you will quickly surpass all of your peers. Being able to quickly handle anything that your conductor or bandmates throw at you is essential, and the peace of mind you will gain from your newly acquired skills in the articulation department will be outmatched only by the fun you will be having on your trumpet.

If you are serious about hitting the woodshed and improving your articulation speed, quality, crispness, and variety, this is the course you need. Every one of these books is a staple of the modern trumpeter’s library and is guaranteed to be in your regular rotation for decades to come. Below you will see the full listing, with links to the individual books in case you need to learn more.

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Books Included

  1. The Jazz Articulation Big Book 1 by Erik Veldkamp (Wtih audio)
  2. Technique Articulation & Finger Dexterity by David Hickman
  3. Tongue Level and Air by Eric Bolvin
  4. Articulation Studies by Chris Gekker
  5. Articulation for All Brass By Harold Branch
  6. Your Daily Articulations (Single Tongue) By Erik Veldkamp
  7. Your Daily Double Tongue By Erik Veldkamp
  8. Exercises for Double and Triple Tonguing by Edwin Franko Goldman
  9. Studies for Double & Triple Tonguing by J.B. Faulx
  10. Tongue Trainers for Trumpet by Richard Shuebruk

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