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Arban’s Fantasy Album By Jean-Baptiste Arban


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This Arban Fantasy Album is a really incredible find. We sourced, obtained, and painstakingly restored all of these solos from the extremely old and damaged originals so they could remain unedited and re-released exactly as Arban made them available during his lifetime.

These solos are characteristic cornet solos from the hand of the master, and range from Polkas, Fantasies, Theme and Variations, Medleys, Romances, and his 1st and 2nd Grand Solos. These are gems from the biggest name in history and I am so excited to share them with you.

To the left you can see representative samples, and below is the full solo list. When you are ready click above for an immediate digital download.

Solo List

  1. Cascade Polka
  2. Premier Grand Solo
  3. Deuxieme Grand Solo
  4. Fantaisie Sur Martha
  5. Fantasie from Mayerbeer
  6. Medley from Verdi’s Requiem
  7. Jongleuse Polka
  8. Oh! Dites Lui
  9. Pauvre Jacques
  10. Plaisir d’Amour
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