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Arban’s Daily Exercises (Gymnastics for the Cornettist) By Jean-Baptiste Arban


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With the release of this book and its two counterparts, you are witnessing the single biggest release of never before seen, long lost Arban trumpet books, translated into English for the first time since they were written in the mid 1880’s.

Arban’s Daily Exercises is subtitled “Gymnastics for the Cornettist.” In his foreword, he tells the reader that “the exercises contained in this collection are sufficient to maintain the agility of one’s fingers, the strength of the embouchure, the suppleness of the lips, as well as the evenness and lightness of the tongue. These exercises have been combined such that the artist will immediately find the perfect studies for all genres.”

He walks you through how you should practice each section, then he provides all of the exercises you need to maintain your chops, starting with flow studies, intervals, lip slurs, major, chromatic, and diminished scales, triplet arpeggios, double tongued major chords, and then articulated studies to be played on only one fingering as if you were playing a natural trumpet.

A find like this is literally one in a century. My special thanks to Kelsey Anderson for working so diligently on a challenging translation. Please check out the first page in the samples, then click above to get an immediate PDF download, a print copy, or both.

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