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Arban/Rollinson Method for Cornet By Jean-Baptiste Arban


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The original purpose of the Rolllinson edited version of the Arban Complete Conservatory Method was two fold. First it was to erase many of the surplus exercises put in other editions that stretched its length to over 300 pages but were mostly repetitions of the same exercises in multiple key signatures. Second, it has a completely different set of melodies in the “Art of Phrasing” section and a completely different set of 60 duets in the final section of the book.

Even for its great historical significance, I would argue that the reason to have this book in your collection is the Art of Phrasing melodies and the alternate duets. A different take on the purpose of each section by a contemporary of Arban’s own time.

Check out some samples to the left then grab a PDF download above.

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