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Arban Dance Band Play-Alongs By Erik Veldkamp


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What if we reimagined the studies, solos, and theme and variations from the Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet and turned them into polka-style dance band play alongs? Well, Erik Veldkamp did just that!

It might sound crazy, but it isn’t. Taking music we play all the time and adding a new twist or innovation is exactly what we need to give a jolt of inspiration to both our practice and our performances. Perfect for studio practice, recitals, or just plain fun, these solos are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Below I have attached audio of Erik performing two selections and included the sample pages to follow along in the gallery. Give them a listen then click above for an immediate digital download.

Your purchase includes the full book of solos plus a set of MP3s of both backing tracks AND demo recordings by Erik Veldkamp himself.


Listen to Erik Perform 11. Fantaisie Waltz

Listen to Erik Perform 14. Opera Meyerbeer


Song List

1. Petite Etude No.5
2. Characteristic Study No.1
3. Characteristic Study No.6
4. Characteristic Study No.9
5. Characteristic Study No.12
6. Casino Polka
7. Italian Polka (Sergei Rachmaninoff)
8. Polka “Dziadek” (Polish Traditional)
9. Polkalicious (Erik Veldkamp)
10. Carnival Of Venice
11. Fantaisie Waltz (Arban/Veldkamp)
12. Variations on a Tyrolean Song
13. Variations on a song “The Beautiful Snow”
14. Sur L’Opera Il Crociato de Meyerbeer
15. Variations on a theme from “Norma” by V. Bellini

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