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Arban-Clarke Method for the Cornet or Trumpet By Jean-Baptiste Arban


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The Arban-Clarke Method for the Cornet or Trumpet is exactly what it sounds like, and is cooler than you could ever imagine. I am actually shocked that this went out of print so quickly and has not been seen by this generation of trumpeters. Herbert L. Clarke made his own edition of the Arban method. Clarke writes that “Arban has always been my standard for correct training in cornet playing. It is not a progressive instructor, but contains everything necessary to become a perfect player, if one selects different groups of exercises designated to produce certain results.”

Clarke attributes all of his success on the instrument to this book, and after years of careful study, he took to the original, with pen in hand, to correct mistakes of other publications. He indicates proper metronome tempos and expression marks with proper articulation, and hand wrote dynamic markings that are missing from the original.

This is as close as you can come to playing out of Clark’s personally annotated Arban method book. A lifetime of study by one of the best players in the history of the instrument brought this book to life. Check the samples and you will see blown up images of added tempi and dynamics in Clarke’s hand. VERY cool stuff. The text is crisp and clear, and unlike many other Arban editions, the text and music go full width to give the clearest copy of any Arban method out there.

Check out the samples to the left then click above to get an immediate PDF download, a print edition, or both.

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