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Anthology of Modern French Song By Max Spicker



Why would a 200 page collection of modern French songs be for sale at qPress? That is a very good question! The reason is that Richard Shuebruk, in his newly published book “The Cornet Player’s Guide, or, When, What, and How to Practice” cites two collections of vocal solos by Max Spicker as the best possible material for learning to transpose. Below is an excerpt from in Shuebruks own words. To the left are some samples of the nearly 200 pages of vocalises ready for your horn to unravel.

“What to practice also embraces the matter of transposing the various trumpet parts. The subject seems to have caused a deal of perplexity to young players, but it is really a very simple process of arithmetic and requires only a little application to conquer it. One must set to work and unravel the subject for himself, or he will never learn it, even if a teacher gives daily instruction, one must think it out for one’s self.

Get music paper and pen and write out a transposition a half tone lower; speak the note aloud every time you write; finish one song or one march, and then tear it up and do it again tomorrow. Then take the transposition of a whole tone, then higher, then a third, etc., if one would do that for fifteen minutes every day he would master the whole subject in a few months, and thoroughly, too!

Very excellent material for transposing is to be found in vocal exercises and they are also fine cornet practice; the best collection the writer knows of is by Max Spicker, start with his books for medium or high voice “The Anthology of Sacred Songs” and “Anthology of Modern French Song”.

Shuebruk knows what he is talking about. Check out the samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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