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200 New Melodic and Gradual Studies By Maxime Alphonse


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Maxime Alphonse’s 200 New Studies for Horn are cited frequently in the Charlier and other grand methods and deserve prominent placement in our repertoire. The books can be bought separately, or at half price when purchased as a complete volume. Read from the forward below.

From the forward: These Studies will help the student to familiarize himself with rhythms, designs and intervals he is bound to meet frequently in the orchestra. Some of the difficulties which at first sight might seem new and hopeless will be easily mastered after an extensive and thorough practise. To achieve this goal, one should never try to play all the studies through from start to finish, over and over again (a feat one could not, by the way, perform before a thorough training), but should work at them in small portions, even bar by bar. In this way, each portion will make a study in itself helping the student to master the various difficulties of his instrument.

The student shall give his best attention to the indications at the head of most of the studies, so as to understand clearly their character and the goal they try to reach. The metronome times having been carefully checked, it will be advisable to follow them strictly. Some of the studies may be played slower, but never faster than the given metronome times.

-Maxime Alphonse

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200 New Studies: Complete, 200 New Studies: Book 1 70 Very Easy and Easy Studies, 200 New Studies: Book 2 40 Easy Studies, 200 New Studies: Book 3 40 Studies of Medium Difficulty, 200 New Studies: Book 4 20 Difficult Studies, 200 New Studies: Book 5 20 Very Difficult Studies, 200 New Studies: Book 6 10 Grand New Studies

1 review for 200 New Melodic and Gradual Studies

  1. Nathan Wilensky (verified owner)

    I have played from Book 6 for years. For trumpet players who are playing it, know it’s an original publication for the horn so some octave adjustment is needed (see the Book 6 preview). These are demanding and rewarding!

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