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All Melody Method for Trombone (Books 1 & 2) By Cleon E. Dalby


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This series of lesson material for beginners on trombone is the result of many years of teaching and of continual search for an ideal procedure in developing students. These studies have been used with great success world wide. They give a comprehensive and thorough foundation in all phases of beginning trombone development. Most importantly, they will be found interesting by your students and highly satisfactory to the teacher, too.

What I love the most about this two-book progressive method for young players is that, even from the very first notes, the student is playing actual music, not just exercises. The books are laid out very methodically, with gradual additions to both the range and the rhythmic intensity, but to the student, they just see more and more interesting songs to play. Every song has a title, and each chapter is clearly labelled with the challenge to be conquered, so assigning work and performance goals is a breeze.

I have dropped a ton of samples to the left to give you an idea, then you can click above to grab a download of both books for one low price right from launch day!

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