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Album of Classical Pieces for Trumpet & Piano By Roger Voisin


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This Album of Classical Pieces for Trumpet and Piano, edited by Roger Voisin, features a diverse collection of classical pieces, showcasing the versatility and expressive range of both instruments. The song list includes Grieg’s “At the Brook,” a serene and flowing piece, and Weber’s “Aria,” known for its lyrical beauty. Mozart’s “Longing for Spring” exudes a fresh, buoyant charm, while Schubert’s “Slow Waltz” offers a gentle, elegant dance. Beethoven’s “Magic Flower” enchants with its delicate melody. Handel’s multiple “Aria” selections highlight his baroque mastery, complemented by Schubert’s “Barcarolle,” which evokes the soothing rhythm of a gondola ride. This compilation beautifully blends melodic richness with intricate harmonies.

Click to the left for samples from the score, then click above for an immediate digital download of both the trumpet and piano parts.

Table of Contents

Grieg: At the Brook
Weber: Aria
Mozart: Longing for Spring
Schubert: Slow Waltz
Beethoven: Magic Flower
Handel: Aria
Weber: Aria
Schubert: Barcarolle
Handel: Aria

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