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Advanced Studies of Aaron Harris Reinterpreted by David Bertie By Aaron Harris


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Here is a trumpet book that has been waiting 90 years to become a classic in the advanced trumpet etude repertoire. David Bertie has taken on the monumental task of completely re-imagining every aspect of this work. Aaron Harris first published this series of violin studies and technical calisthenics in 1930. David Bertie, a seasoned musician and fastidious editor, has taken the entire book from its rather unrefined state and literally spit-polished every page with the care and dedication that is rare today in any field.

How is this edition New and Expanded?

Harris’s warm-ups, lip trills, flexibility and tonguing exercises have been omitted. However, it is assumed that this book will form part of a regular, balanced practice routine and not its sole component.

The six theoretical keys (C-flat, C-sharp and F-sharp majors and their relative minors) have been included in this edition.

All identified composers of the source material have been credited in the “editor’s notes and section contents” pages that precede each section of the book.

The original book· grouped all the keyed material into single keyed sections. In this edition, the study material has been separated into the following three sections:

  1. Advanced Technical Studies for Trumpet: All 30 keys have a series of rudimentary exercises followed by two studies: one in simple time and the other in compound time. The rudimentary exercises comprise six rhythmic scale exercises and an amended chord sequence with Harris’s three prescribed models. The minor rudimentary exercises have been significantly developed to include the three most common forms of the minor scale; natural, harmonic, and melodic. The addition of a minor chord sequence is new to this edition. The number of articulation models dedicated to each study has been standardized to two which contribute to the five models recommended for each study. Guidance Notes advising how to get the maximum benefit from this material are included.
  2. Etudes for the Virtuoso Trumpeter: This section has been significantly amended. The number of etudes has been reduced from 45 to 30, thereby providing one in each key. Dynamics, articulation, and tempo markings have been added as well as significant revisions of the original material. Rhythms and phrasing have been adjusted to permit points of repose and breath. The player arrives at cadence points more logically and many themes have been developed to create new material based on the original works.
  3. Supplementary Studies for the Advanced Trumpeter: In addition to three reworked studies from the ‘Etudes for the Virtuoso Trumpeter,” this section includes studies chosen by Harris that were felt too good to omit from this book. The final eight studies are from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin (BWV 1001-1006) and appear as full arrangements. Far from being a collection of left-over pieces, this section will provide many considerable challenges for even the most advanced trumpeters.

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