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A Modern Approach to Jazz Improvisation “Scott Wendholt” By Eric Siereveld


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Scott Wendholt’s trumpet playing is certainly deserving of very close inspection. He is one of the select few that have created their own musical voice, and the career he has built has cemented a firm legacy that warrants high appreciation. This huge, 180+ page collection of annotated transcriptions will give you a complete overview of his improvisational vocabulary.

As you’ll see from these transcriptions, one of Scott’s great strengths is his ability to honor the historic trumpet masters in his playing without being a carbon-copy imitation. So many players have trouble clearing that hurdle separating imitation and emulation. Scott is able to carry forth the lineage utilizing classic vocabulary, but he delivers it with a personalized twist that makes his voice contemporary, engaging and original. He also possesses great technique but never seems to use more than absolutely necessary. Playing musically is always his priority and his tastefulness is unsurpassed.

I’m excited for all of you having this chance to delve into the wonderful transcriptions within this book. I’m sure it will be illuminating for those first studying Scott in depth, and a confirmation of Scott’s greatness for those of you who’ve followed his fantastic career for over two decades. I encourage you all to collect the recordings from which these solos have been selected. They will provide a context that will add yet another level of amazement to these inventive creations. Even after listening to Scott for all these years, I am astounded when examining these brilliant solos. I’m sure you’ll all agree.

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