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80 Flugelhorn Studies Vol.2 By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp has just completed an incredible series of books (the very first of its kind), written entirely with the flugelhorn in mind. These books include a series of etude books, a set of exercise books, duets, trios, and quartets.

This release is Volume Two in his three-book set “80 Studies for Flugelhorn.”

Volume Two contains 24 studies that start to get much more varied in terms of time signatures, rhythms, and flexibility.  If you have ever played a Flugelhorn book in a show or band performance, this will remind you of the wonderful middle register licks you are expected to pull off in that position. Erik writes in his preface:

Because of its warmer timbre I tried to write most of these studies in the comfortable register of the instrument with lyrical melodies, but you will also find some technical studies to focus on particular skills like single tonguing, flexibilities, fingering, airflow, range, etc.

I hope these 80 studies help you to develop your skills on the flugelhorn (of course they are also suited to play on a trumpet or cornet, too).

To the left I have included a few sample studies and I paired them with demos of Erik performing them below. Once you give them a try, grab an immediate PDF download above.

Listen to Erik perform Study No.1

Listen to Erik perform Study No.15

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