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8 (Piccolo) Trumpet Duets By Mel Broiles


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Mel Broiles’ 8 (Piccolo) Trumpet Duets is a collection of short pieces for two trumpets in the baroque style. Why is the word “Piccolo” in brackets? that is because these play perfectly on all trumpets, lending them a versatility not often found in duet literature.

Broiles intended these for people learning baroque style on piccolo, but I have used them very successfully with intermediate players as they make perfect middle register duets that are very approachable technically while still carrying Broiles’ signature character and style.

Included with both the digital and print editions is a full set of MP3s as recorded by David Washburn (principal trumpet of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra). You get a demo performance of each duet, plus isolated first and second trumpet parts so you can play along and learn the entire book cover to cover with a master of the piccolo trumpet.

To the left you can find a sample, and above you grab an immediate digital download or print edition.

Listen to David Washburn Perform Duet #1

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