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60 Selected Studies for Trombone By C. Kopprasch


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Kopprasch’s Sixty Selected Studies was originally for the French Horn, and is studied by the majority of horn students at the advanced level. Most of the etudes focus on technical problems relating to the high range of the Horn. These etudes have also been transcribed for other brass instruments, trumpet, tuba, and here for the trombone. They are a wonderful addition to the repertoire and are a set that few players are able to avoid going through in their studies through high school and university.

I have always wondered why they have been published in two separate books. I imagine it is so they can charge people twice. So, going along with our mission to get music for trumpet available immediately to players at a discount, I am publishing them here in one complete edition to save some cash and make the whole experience more convenient.

Did you know? Due to a misread by an early editor, these studies are often attributed to “C. Kopprasch”. His real first Name is Georg, but I am keeping the original “C” on the music as it was originally published for posterity.

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