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60 Progressive Swing Duets Vol.3 By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp is the most inventive and wonderfully original trumpet duet writer I have ever seen. The book you see here is the Volume 3 of his wonderful set of 60 Progressive Swinging Blues Duets, and with this set everything is starting to get really interesting!

Volume Three is made up of intermediate level duets. Compared to the first few sets which kept things down to a narrow range with simple rhythms, this one really starts to break away. We start to see much lower notes, and some higher ones as well, along with much more complex syncopation that includes slurs over the emphasis to make things sound much more interesting (and more difficult). We start to see a lot more counterpoint as well, where each voice needs to play firmly on their own, and we start to see our first 3 page duets, so endurance and fatigue start to be a factor. To give you a full idea of what you are in for there is an audio sample that Erik provided for some context.

Click below to listen, to the left for samples, then above for an immediate digital download.

Listen to Erik Perform Duet No.8

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