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60 Progressive Swing Duets Vol.2 By Erik Veldkamp


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Erik Veldkamp’s 60 progressive Swing Duets collection continues here with Volume 2 in a 5 book collection of Blues Duets for 2 Trumpets. Containing 60 Swing Duets in total, each volume of this set has 12 Swinging Blues compositions, all original, with each set being more advanced than the next.

Volume Two is made up of beginner to intermediate duets. The range of these duets stays firmly in the staff, making it great for studio use, and are made more difficult than volume one through the use of expanded intervals, more involved rhythms, and more mature writing in general. You begin to see more specific articulations that demand a command of short, long, and accented releases that are idiomatic of this style of music. What all five books have in common is that they all swing, they are all rooted in the blues, and they all have the characteristic charm of Erik’s writing. No matter what you level is, this set of books is a must have for any library. They are perfect for the stage, the studio, lessons, and for trumpet hangs year round.

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Listen to Erik Perform Duet No.7

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