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40 Etudes for Trombone (With optional Bass Trombone Accompaniment) By Edmond Vobaron


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Edmond Vobaron’s 40 Etudes for Trombone with optional bass trombone/tuba accompaniment was originally titled “Quarante études pour le trombone ordinaire et le trombone à cylindres: avec accompagnement de basse ad libitum, en deux suites”. This book was originally published as two separate suites of etudes/duets but is available here for one low price and including books 1 & 2 for tenor trombone and books 1 & 2 for bass trombone (accompaniment).

Book one is a collection of middle register etudes. They have traditional harmonies and a few explore varied articulations. Speed and technique requirements are progressive as you move through the studies.

Book two is focused much more on technique and articulation. Book two is more difficult than book one and includes faster tempos, more difficult key signatures, and odd meters. These are great for developing articulation, tone, and intonation, especially when playing with a partner.

Check out the first page of each book to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above (at half the retail price!)

PS. This book was cited in Sluchin & Lapie’s thesis on French methods as one example of the Edmond Vobaron being cited as author on the cover and Felix Vobaron being cited as author on the inside cover. With so much confusion I choose to keep Edmond as the author, as is stated in the original publication.

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