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Erik Veldkamp, 30 Song & Wind Studies Book Cover
Erik Veldkamp, 30 Song & Wind Studies Book Cover
30 Song & Wind Studies (Treble Clef)
30 Song & Wind Studies (Treble Clef)
30 Song & Wind Studies (Treble Clef)

30 Song & Wind Studies (Treble Clef) By Erik Veldkamp


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This wonderfully innovative book of flow studies by Erik Veldkamp makes such perfect sense you will wonder why no one has written a book like this before. We all know that playing long tones and flow studies are vital to our overall brass playing health, but we also know it can get tedious and boring.

In this collection of Studies, Erik takes you through 30 famous jazz tunes where he has used the original melodic shape and chord changes, but reduced them down to flow study, long tone style exercises.

In his foreword he writes: “I chose these well known songs because they will help you to be “a storyteller of sound.” That’s the advice Arnold Jacobs always gave to his students. He would say “don’t analyze when you have to make music,” or “don’t ask questions when you have to make statements.” So I encourage you to not analyse when you play these songs, but listen twice: listen to the song in your head and the one coming out of the bell. When they both sound beautiful, the mechanics are working fine.”

To the left you can find some samples, then when you are ready click above for an immediate digital download.

This book is available in Treble Clef above, or Bass Clef right here.

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Listen to Erik Perform No.15 “Skylark”

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