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3 Viennese Dances (Play-Along) By Fritz Kreisler


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Fritz Kreisler’s Viennese Dances are beloved compositions that have been adapted and transformed over the years to make them accessible to players of all instruments. In this collection of three dances (Libesleid, Liebesfreud, and Schoen Rosmarin) Erik Veldkamp has transformed these tunes into wonderful works for trumpet and piano, complete with play along recordings.

Libesleid and Schoen Rosmarin are for trumpet (in Bb or C) and piano, while Liebesfreud includes a second trumpet part to turn it into chamber music if you so desire. The package included here is quite big, so I am going to make a list below of what you will be receiving in the digital download. You will get a large file ready for double sided printing that will include:

  • Liebesfreud – Score
  • Liebesfreud – Trumpet in Bb 1
  • Liebesfreud – Trumpet in Bb 2
  • Liebesfreud – Trumpet in C 1
  • Liebesfreud – Trumpet in C 2
  • Liebesleid – Score
  • Liebesleid – Trumpet in Bb
  • Liebesleid – Trumpet in C
  • Schon Rosmarin – Score
  • Schon Rosmarin – Trumpet in Bb
  • Schon Rosmarin – Trumpet in C
  • Veldkamp-Kreisler, Liebesfreud (Playalong) MP3
  • Veldkamp-Kreisler, Liebesleid (Playalong) MP3
  • Veldkamp-Kreisler, Schoen Rosmarin (Playalong) MP3

Please listen to the playa longs below while you follow along with the first page of each score to the left. When you are ready, grab an immediate PDF download above.

Listen to Liebesfreud (Playalong)

Listen to Liebesleid (Playalong)

Listen to Schoen Rosmarin (Playalong)

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