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24 Modern Virtuoso Studies By E Paudert



Paudert’s 24 Modern Virtuoso Studies is a staple on university and conservatory lists the world over. This edition was edited by the great Edwin Franko Goldman who had this to say about the value of these studies:

“These varied studies are for advanced players, and are somewhat different from the general run of exercises written for the cornet and trumpet. They are intended to give to the performer surety of attack, a keen ear, and a strong lip, and will also help him to play in strict time and rhythm. They will also serve to improve their tone and general style, and at the same time give to the performer a great degree of endurance. A few of these studies are designated to be used for practice in transposing.” – Edwin Franko Goldman.

As always, check out samples to the left and an immediate PDF download above.

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