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24 Etudes (in all keys) for the Progressing Trumpet Player By Andrew Glowaty


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This etude book is written for the progressing trumpet player. All major and minor keys are used in the etudes, including:

  • Volume 1: 12 Eludes in all Major Keys
  • Volume 2: 12 Etudes in all Minor Keys

Each etude is based on a specific major or minor key. All three forms of minor are used for the 12 minor key etudes — 4 are in natural minor, 4 are in harmonic minor and 4 are in melodic minor. The player should be certain that he understands the difference between these scales and that it is clear to him which form is being used in each minor etude.

A thorough study of this book should greatly improve the progressing trumpet player’s skill in the following:

  1. Playing of all major scales
  2. Performance in all 12 major keys
  3. Playing of all minor scales
  4. Knowledge of all 3 forms of minor (natural, harmonic and melodic)
  5. Performance in all 12 minor keys

Andrew Glowaty was truly a great teacher, and the book’s introduction outlines a foolproof method for achieving success with this – or any – study book. The player should first practice the scale in question on its own, the sight-read the study without stopping, then study all aspects of the piece (phrasing, rhythm, articulations etc), isolate difficult passages, make phrasing decisions, record yourself playing straight through the piece, listen back critically, record yourself again, then work on perfecting the execution to a performance quality standard.

These are a blast. A few are available in the samples for free, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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