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24 Etudes By Chris Gekker


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Chris Gekker’s 24 Etudes for Trumpet are meant to cover a wide range of trumpet playing areas. Everything from low register playing, multiple tonguing, legato intervals, supple and flexible articulation, and difficult key signatures. Chris is one of the finest trumpeters of his generation, and by combining his technical ability with his compositional aptitude we are left with a set of trumpet studies that are so fantastically idiomatic that trumpeters all over the world are raving. If Chris is one of the most tasteful and artistic players around, Eric Ewazen is his counterpart in the world of composition. Let’s see what he has to say about these studies:

With his 24 Etudes Chris is giving trumpeters genuinely significant works that specifically explore critical trumpet techniques. These pieces match the beauty of Chris’ playing and are destined to become classics of the trumpet repertoire. – Eric Ewazen Composer/Faculty, Juilliard School

Play the first etude for free in your browser, then grab the immediate digital download above.

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