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23 Easy Etudes for Trumpet By Harry Huffnagle


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If there is a gap in trumpet literature, as observed through the publishing of 1000 brass books, it is that there is not nearly enough QUALITY material for beginning players. By “beginning” I mean players in their first few years of playing.

When I find a book like Harry Huffnagel’s 23 Easy Etudes for Trumpet, I am thrilled. These studies occupy only a narrow range, up to the top of the staff only, but are full of style and interesting compositional tools that will keep young players engaged and feeling like they are playing REAL music. Nobody wants to play nursery rhymes forever, so we need more material like this to keep early players working toward lofty goals.

I have included the first study and the last study for free so you can see the range of difficulty. Give them a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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1 review for 23 Easy Etudes for Trumpet

  1. leod

    its amazing

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