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20 Swinging Range Studies (For Trombone) By Erik Veldkamp


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This collection of 20 Swinging Range Studies for Trombone is a range book done exactly how they should be done (but rarely are). It is clearly established that being gradual and progressive in your approach to playing in the upper register is the only safe and effective way to expand your playable range. With that in mind, Erik wrote this set of upper register studies in a way that lets you first dip a toe into the upper register waters, then gradually wade in as you get more comfortable. On top of that, these are not “exercises”, instead, they are creative, idiomatic, and an absolute joy to play from a musical perspective.

The biggest problem with range books is that the odds of the studies being in the exact range you are currently working on is very slim, so their usefulness is limited. That is why Erik wrote his 20 Swinging Range Studies in progressive stages, taking you all around the horn.

I have included the first couple for free so you can give them a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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