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20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters
20 Songs of the Great Masters

20 Songs of the Great Masters By Edwin Franko Goldman


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Whether it is his highest-selling edition of the Arban method or his incredible set of methods and studies, Edwin-Franko Goldman is one of the most important names in the history of our instrument. I am so pleased to have unearthed this incredible original edition of arrangements for trumpet and piano by Goldman himself, complete with his editorial foreword. Below I will paste his words so you can understand his hopes for this album of solo repertoire. From the foreword:

This collection of Selected Songs should come as a welcome addi­tion to the repertoires of all players of discriminating taste and artis­tic ideals, and particularly to those who may have claimed that little or no music by the Great Masters has ever been arranged for the Cornet.

The songs included are mostly classics and will appeal in particular to those who love the best in music, and who are desirous of familiarizing themselves with works that will live forever.

The arrangement of the solo parts has been done with a twofold ob­jective; close observance of the composer’s conception, and due attention to­wards effective setting regarding the Cornet’s technical possibilities.

In addition, the piano accompaniments have been retained in their o­riginal version, without the slightest alteration, enabling an instrumental rendition in exact conformity with the vocal version of the songs.

~ E.F. Goldman

This collection was such a thrill to find, I hope you love it! To the left, you will find some samples. Check them out then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Song List

  1. All Souls’ Day ( Alle1’seelen) Op.10, No.8, Richard Strauss
  2. Dedication (Wid71tung) Op.14, ·No.1, Robert Franz
  3. O Let me Rest my Cheek on Thine Op.1 No.1, Adolph Jensen
  4. On Wings of Song ( Auf Flugeln des Gesanges) Op. 34, F. Mendelssohn
  5. I’ll Not complain ( Ich grolle nicht) . Op. 48, No.7, Robert Schumann
  6. With a Violet, Edvard Grieg
  7. Thou’rt Like Unto a Flower ( Pu bist wie eine .Blume), Anton Rubinstein
  8. Those Happy Days ( 0 schone Zeit, o sel’ge Zeit) Op.160, Carl Gotze
  9. By the Sea ( Am Neer) From “Swan Songs’, Franz Schubert
  10. The Pew is Sparkling (Rs blinkt de1′ Tau) Op.72 No.91, Anton Rubinstein
  11. Last Night ( Sehnsucht), Halfdan Kjerulf
  12. Thou Art My Queen ( Wie bist du, meine Kdni’gin) Op. 32, No.9, Johannes Brahms
  13. When Love is Kind, Old Melody
  14. Ye who have Yearned Alone (Nur wei die Sehnsucht kennt) Op.6, P. Tshaikovsky
  15. Three in All (Was i hab’) Bavarian Folk Song Op. 326, No.12, Carl Bohm
  16. My Sweet Repose (Ou bist die Ruh’) Op. 39, Franz Schubert
  17. In Autumn ( Im Herbst) Op.17, No.6, Robert Franz
  18. Elegie, J. Massenet
  19. Good Night – Farewell (Gut’ Nacht Fahr’ woht) Op. 52, No.1, Fr. Kucken
  20. The Two Grenadiers (Die beiden Gre·nadfere) Op. 49, No.1, Robert Schumann
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