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20 Piccolo Trumpet Studies By Mel Broiles


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After nearly 30 years it is such a pleasure to help bring these books by Mel Broiles back into circulation.

All living trumpeters have been influenced by Mel, and one of the great contributions he made to modern orchestral playing is the adoption of smaller trumpets to all areas of the repertoire. His colleague Mark Gould wrote that “later in his career he began using the D trumpet frequently and he recopied many of the Met Opera parts for D trumpet. His opera parts must number in the 100s and the music of all kinds that Mel hand copied would fill a small library.”

It makes perfect sense that Mel Broiles wrote a book specifically for Bb piccolo trumpet. It works perfectly as a double in the orchestra, and can be used in a variety of circumstances to make parts feel easier and more secure.

This set of 20 studies for the piccolo trumpet travel a wide range of styles, from lyrical to fanfare like, and cover the type of range and rhythms you would expect to find in the most difficult parts of the literature.

To the left I have included the first study for free in the samples. Give it a try, then grab an immediate digital download or print edition from the link above.

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