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19 Easter Trumpet Descants By Clyde Hunt


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Clyde Hunt’s Descant series continues with this wonderful set of 15 descants for trumpet to be used during the Easter season. As one of the most important holidays for the use of brass in the liturgical year, it is really important for every trumpet player to have a set of descants they can pull out and use for every occasion.

As with all of Clyde’s descant collections, each hymn is complete with the melody line on top, followed by the descant transposed for a few different trumpets that will make an appropriate descant easiest to play, you just chose which will work best for you. Each hymn has a title as well as Hymn number, just in case the director is calling them out by number instead of name.

To the left you can see a representative sample, below is the full hymn list, and you can grab an immediate PDF download above.

Hymn List

  1. Descant Hymn List
  2. Bangor 
  3. Bourbon 
  4. Easter Hymn 
  5. Ellacombe 
  6. Eventide 
  7. Fortunatus 
  8. Gelobt Sei Gott 
  9. Lux Evi 
  10. Puer Nobis 
  11. Richmond 
  12. Salve Festa Dies 
  13. Salzburg 
  14. St. Albinus 
  15. St. Flavian 
  16. St. Kevin 
  17. Truro 
  18. Unser Herrscher 
  19. Victory 
  20. Vruechten 

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