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18 Melodic Studies for Cornet or Trumpet By Leon Nedbalek



This book of melodic studies by Leon Nedbalek is one of the most charming books I have come across. Each of these melodic studies have been written to match a quote on the value and power of music in today's society. Broken up into three parts, each area of the book is meant to focus on a specific area of playing matched with a specific tonality and notation.

This book was hand written by Nedbalek and typed on his typewritter from his home studio. You can see his passion on every page.

The author writes: “All of these studies are capable of a variety of interpretations. The phrase marks may be performed as slurs, or legato tonguing may be used. Dynamics and tempo ( which are not indicated ) provide the player with an endless number of possibilities. The rests within the phrases of group I may be omitted, or rests may be inserted within the phrases of groups II and III. The nature of the quotations necessitates the use of the imagination in fitting the studies to them.”

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