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17 Studies for Trumpet
17 Studies for Trumpet
17 Studies for Trumpet
17 Studies for Trumpet

17 Studies for Trumpet By V Berdiev


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Berdiev’s 17 Studies for Trumpet have been circulating over the last 30 years as a benchmark of Russian etude writing for the trumpet. They are modern in compositional style and harmonies, and for each one that trains aggressive articulation and virtuosity there is one that will push your limits of lyrical expression. These are intermediate in range, but advanced in terms of endurance, technical ability, and style. There is enough substance here to be a great addition to a trumpeter’s library no matter what their level of ability is.

Each of these studies has its own memorable, distinct character, and allows for a balanced combination of lyrical and technical playing. Includes well-detailed dynamic, articulation and other musical notations to encourage expressive playing. Technical concerns addressed include rapid single tonguing, finger speed, ornamentation (1-2 note grace notes) , wide interval tonguing and slurring, changing meters, and more.

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