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16 Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet By Mel Broiles


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Mel Broiles’ “16 Studies for (Piccolo) Trumpet” is a wonderful collection of studies for trumpets of all sizes based on the baroque style. If you know Mel, you know that he was a once in a generation character, and I am thrilled to have unearthed these studies for high trumpet because their value greatly exceeds the sum of its parts.

Mel was a huge proponent of playing small trumpets to make life easier when he performed with the Met Opera, so quite a lot of his output is focused on giving players material to practice on the smaller instruments in the brass family. What I love, too, is that these studies work perfectly on the bigger horns as well, working as a great gateway to baroque style playing while students are developing their range. Grab this books, start on Bb trumpet, then D, Eb, A, then Bb piccolo, and you have created a wonderful progressive method of study for yourself.

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