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16 Advanced Studies By Carlo Fontana



Inside this book you find a selection of great advanced studies. Some were written by Fontana himself, and some were compiled from a great list of composers like Pietzsch, Wurm, Kopprasch, and others. I love this curated collection and I wish it was something people would do more often. The author fills in the gaps with his own compositions and makes a great compilation of the old and the new that are suitable to a player at an intermediate level.

I have included some samples to the left, so grab your horn and give them a try, then grab an immediate PDF download above.


This book of Advanced Studies by Carlo Fontana will be the subject of an in-depth blog article in the near future. The topic will be the prevalence of publishers in the last century who used a single book cover for every book they publish for the same instrument. When they did this, they would just mark with a pencil what the contents of the book were as the only form of differentiation. In modern days, this has caused a problem. The vast majority of major online databases have incorrect information as the data entry people did not know the conventions the publishers were using and now all of those books have been jumbled together. God only knows how many have been lost in the shuffle. This book is one that was almost lost forever.

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