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14 Characteristic Studies for Trumpet By Mel Broiles


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Mark Gould famously quipped that the legend of Mel Broiles will resound in the trumpet ‘collective unconscious’ for the next 10,000 years. I couldn’t agree more. His character was larger than life and the stories about his tenure at the Metropolitan Opera are as memorable as they are endearing.

One thing that comes as no surprise is Mel’s treatment of the Characteristic Study. Who else would have the fortitude to write a collection of studies modelled after Arban’s 14 Characteristic Studies while bringing them firmly into the 20th century?

These studies demand tremendous facility, pinpoint accuracy of technique, and exceptional flexibility. When you see studies of this calibre you understand exactly what kind of trumpeter Mel Broiles was. Not only could he play anything that was put in front of him, he also had the creativity to expand on our fundamental literature and make it even better.

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