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12 Etudes for Cornet By Jean Baptiste Victor Mohr



Jean Baptiste Victor MOHR was a horn player and composer who lived into the late 19th century. He wrote a very large two-part method for the french horn that is still in use today. Although he was a horn player, he is included in a small subsection of composers who strayed from their chosen instrument to write a volume of etudes for the trumpet.

This collection of twelve etudes for the cornet or trumpet sits very well on the instrument. They require some manual dexterity and, as they progress, more and more flexibility as well. What you see here is a new engraving from an original that was published around 1879. This engraving joins our recent new transcriptions from Bonnisseau, Shuebruk, and Balasanian, and there are many more to come as well. Having these wonderful collections available again is a key mission at qPress. We will be bringing you as many as we possibly can.

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