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12 Artistic Studies for Two Trumpets By Joseph Forestier


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I am very excited to announce this wonderful translation of a long lost book by Joseph Forestier. These 12 Artistic Studies for Two Trumpets is an absolute gem and has been lost for over 140 years. Normally, duet books are pretty straight forward, but this is a whole different animal. It begins with a full writeup with specific instructions on how to play each of the 12 duets, along with some insights about how they were composed and why they are written the way they were. This is followed up with a very unique style of duet writing.

In this book, the first and second parts are decidedly not equal. The top line is the soloist, and the bottom part is a written out, but ad lib style accompaniment part that is perfect for a teacher to play to help round out the harmony. Forestier writes in his foreword:

“These Artistic Studies can be performed solo or as duets, though I prefer the latter. Although it is imperfect, since the harmony is never complete with just two players, there is at least the advantage of indicating the harmonic motion, which in turn demands a certain interpretation of the melodies.” J. Forestier

I love it. The more you can hear of the harmony, the more it has an effect on how you shape the phrases. He is absolutely right.

Beautifully re-engraved by John Laverty and translated by Timothy Quinlan, you are guaranteed to have a blast.

Check out the first bits for free to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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